The Discovery Lessons

 What are the Discover Lessons?

These Discovery Lessons were developed in the Middle East in the 1990s. Originally they were intended to be a guide for people sharing the gospel with Muslims, and have been used so from Albania to Afghanistan. The Discovery Lessons have been made into an Arabic language television program that airs in the Middle East and is also available on video.

How do I use the Discover Lessons?

These lessons were intended for use in a very specific situation: With a Muslim inquirer who has become a seeker, (someone who really wants to know which is right, Christianity or Islam). The philosophy behind the lessons (teacher-based evangelism) is presented in Roland Muller's book The Messenger, The Message and the Community by Roland Muller.

What is in the Discovery Lessons?

These lesson present only Biblical truth. The first two lessons are Bible studies that go through a passage of scripture. (Genesis 1 - 3) The second two follow a theme through the Bible. (Basic Bible Understanding [Who were the prophets?] and sacrifice) The last two address the Messiah and how we should respond to what the Bible teaches.

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