Tools for Muslem Evangelism

Just as every craftsman has his toolbox, evangelists should also have a box of tools ready for use when trying to explain the gospel to Muslims. Roland Muller introduces us to some of the tools and techniques used by successful evangelists in the Middle East. He also introduces us to the concept of 'teacher based evangelism' and demonstrates how it can be used in conjunction with or in place of friendship evangelism.

This book is rich in resources and practical wisdom drawn from many sources. The appendices include the Discover Lessons by Abdalla H., Literary and Audio-Visual Resources for Christians Sharing with Muslims by Ernest Hahn, excerpts from the digital resource 'Ministry Tools' and more.

Discover why this book is quickly becoming the evangelist's handbook for reaching Muslims with the gospel. Out of Print.Only the PDF file is now available. 400 KB An Updated version of this book is now avaiilable as part of the book: MMC.

Reviewed by Richard P. Bailey, missionary in New York City with Christar: "From the viewpoint of one who has served both in south Asia (Pakistan) and within the Muslim immigrant minority in North America, I believer I can say that 90 percent of the information the author has shared in Tools for Muslim Evangelism is applicable universally. Overall, I rate this work an absolute "must" for those who are already working among Muslims and struggling to see the church of Jesus Christ established among them."


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