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Honor and Shame,
Unlocking the Door
by Roland Muller
Published 2001
The original book is out of print. This is a copy of the 2015 third edition. Roland Muller introduces the concepts of guilt, fear and shame based cultures, showing their development over the years, and their influence on our understanding of the gospel message. Muller examines the way we traditionally present the gospel, and the difficulties this poses for those from a shame/honor background. A case study based on the Muslim cultures of the Middle East follows, where he examines Islam in the light of shame and honor. In conclusion Roland Muller presents us with the three-fold message of the gospel which is understandable in whatever cultural setting we may work in. This book is included in Muller's later book: MMC.

Word: 92,950, Language: English Published: 2015

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Available from Smashwords $ 8.00
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