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 Top Questions Asked by Muslims

These are a compilation of the most-asked questions by our Muslim friends. Some are related to culture, some are specifically about Christianity. Most of these come from a total lack of understanding of another culture or religion. Many Muslim have had close to no contact with the "outside" nor with a Christian minority. Along with there, there is censorship on written materials in Arabic, so any understanding of Christians and other cultures comes from the verbal description of a few that pass on their less-than-complete understanding. Most of these are the standard questions Muslims ask: but a few might be very interesting to devote some time to answer on radio.

Standard Religious Questions asked by general people:

  1. Why don’t you follow the Qur’an? (or, what do you think of Islam?)
  2. What do you think of Mohammed? Why don’t you follow him?
  3. What is your "Shahada"? Also occasionally, What is your "faataha"? or, What are the "pillars" (arkaan) of Christians?
  4. Do you have a Hajj? Do you go to al-Quds or Bethlehem?
  5. How do you pray? Do you have your prayers written (in the Bible)? or, Do you pray? How can you if there is no church? How many times? What are your prayers?
  6. Why are there four gospels? They are obviously wrong (muharrif) because you have so many...
  7. Why do you follow a book that has been changed? the assertion...: The Gospels have been changed...
  8. Why don’t you follow the "Gospel of Barnabas?" (Note: I have yet to find one person that asked this question that has read it or knew anything substantial about it)
  9. Which of the Prophets do you follow? we follow all of them....
  10. Why do Christians insist that Jesus died on the cross? Why do you think that; it’s so repulsive that God’s prophet would die.
  11. Do you think Jesus is the Son of God? (There is no concept of what is meant by that)
  12. What do you think of the Jews? Are they "The People of God"? Why do Westerners support the State of Israel?
  13. Do you believe in the Day of Judgment-resurrection?


More interesting Questions about Christian culture that could address significant points about God:

  1. Why do you only marry one wife? Why not have more? Can’t you see it’s obviously better if she can’t have kids... Key: "Man shall leave... and cleave... and two become ONE..." What is the meaning?
  2. What are your rules-thinking on divorce? ...But what if my wife can’t have kids?
  3. Why do you have so few kids? Don’t you like children? You must not like them much...
  4. Do you drink? What is written about alcohol? I hear you Christians actually drink wine in church...
  5. Do you (or, Why not?) smoke cigarettes, gamble, chew Qat, etc.?
  6. Why are you Christians moral (amani) people? Why don’t you lie?
  7. What are the Christian rules on abortion and contraceptives? What do you do?

Questions asked more by radio listeners:

  1. How do you pray? What do we need to do-face-say, etc? Where, if no church? (see also above)
  2. Can I go to a mosque or pray the Muslim style after I believe?
  3. What do you believe about Mary? i.e., Was she a virgin? Do some pray to her? Did she get married and-or have other kids?
  4. Who are the Pharisees? What-who are all the prophets and Apostles? Also related: Who are the Herodians, Sauducees, Scribes, Levites, Gentiles, etc.?
  5. What is the job of a priest/the pope? What do you do for confession?
  6. Why are there personal letters in the Gospel? (How can you say these are from God?)
  7. What is baptism about? How-Why do you get baptized? What does it mean?
  8. What was John the Baptist’s role? If Baptism is sign of forgiveness, why was Jesus baptized?
  9. What is this "Kingdom" Christ talked about? Where-when is it?
  10. What is the Old Testament about? How come you only give out the Christian’s (NT) book? The assumption: If we follow the OT too, why not hand it out also?
  11. Why is so much of your books history? (and not God telling us what to do?)
  12. What are the differences between Catholics and Protestants? Why are there so many denominations (madhahib)?
  13. What is forbidden ("haram") to you, and why or why not? Alcohol, pork, four wives, etc.
  14. What is the Trinity? You say you don’t believe in 3 Gods, but I don’t understand it at all!
  15. What is meant by Son of God, why die on the cross, etc.
  16. If Mary was a virgin, why do you still say Jesus is the Son of God?



Some Approaches Muslims Assertions

The approaches mentioned below to these questions seek to reply in such a way that accusations are turned away and the conversation is turned toward God’s holiness, man’s sin, the need for a savior and the person of Jesus.

  1. How can you claim a relationship with God? God is too great to be known except by the prophets.
    1. The parable of the hungry ants walking past the food: if only I could become an ant and show them the food.
  2. Can’t God do anything? (Doesn’t Christianity limit what God can do?) How can your be sure of going to paradise? (If He so chooses, He can send a righteous man to the fire and an evil man to the garden.) God is too great to be bound by His own word.
    1. God keeps His word in the OT. Is keeping one’s word the same as being ‘bound’?
  3. Sin can be atoned for by works.
    1. Sin HAS very grave consequences. One sin got Adam and Eve kicked out of the garden.
    2. Is God less sensible than you? Would you let your spouse cheat on you even once a year? (parable)
    3. Cornelius was a good man (Acts 10:1-48) yet he needed forgiveness. God has taken notice of your good works (fasting, etc.) and has sent me to tell you how you may find forgiveness.
  4. But haven’t the Scriptures be changed?
    1. Could IBM cover up a fax that had been sent to all its offices around the world (and translated into local languages) with no trace - witness or a copy? (parable)
    2. If one were to change Scripture, wouldn’t he make it easier? Why is the list of unclean animals larger in the Jewish Taurat than in the Qur’an?
  5. Isn’t Biblical inspiration inherently inferior to Qu’ranic recitation of the book in heaven? Why is the Bible narrative while the Qu’ran is such lofty poetry? Doesn’t the Qu’ran supersede (abrogate, correct) the Bible? How could God let His sinless Prophet die on the cross? It was another that looked like Him.
    1. It is required. Look at the sin sacrifice at Eid alFitr. Look at the near sacrifice of Abraham’s son and the provision of a lamb.
    2. Since Jesus is the prophet who is still alive, shouldn’t He and His teachings be our focus?
  6. How can Jesus be the Son of God? God does not beget nor is begotten. Jesus is just another of the prophets.
    1. Charles Marsh: Who is like Jesus in sinlessness, miracle power, appearances of angels, stars, etc., at birth?
    2. Quote Luke 1: for this reason He shall be called the Son of God. Or His baptism - who am I to argue with God’s words: This is My beloved Son...? Discuss the meanings of Son: one who does God’s will, one who acts like his father and represents his father, etc. Also ibn assabiil, etc.
    3. What do you mean by your question? Sex? Beg forgiveness of God! No Christian believes that! Refer to b) above. Christians do not make a man God but proclaim that God became man.
    4. Concurrent questions: i) Did God really have to go to all that trouble to deal with the weakness of man? ii) Can the human state be so bad that God must take on human form and come to earth to correct it? iii) Was Jesus’ trip necessary?
  7. But isn’t Muhammad the last (seal) and greatest of the prophets?
    1. Charles Marsh: Who is like Jesus in sinlessness, miracle power, appearances of angels, stars, etc., at birth?
  8. Do you fast? Christians don’t fast.
    1. I fast all year long: from idle words, stealing, lying, etc.
    2. What is a fast pleasing to God? Scripture says... Isaiah 58:3-11 (true fasting), Mark 7:15-23 (what comes out...), Matthew 6:16-18 (When you fast...). Also Luke 18:9-14, the Pharisee and the tax collector.
  9. Do you pray? How do you pray?
    1. Jesus said when you pray ... Quote from Matthew 6. What is true prayer - motions or attitude?
  10. How can God be three? The Trinity misconception.
    1. 1 x 1 x 1 = 1. Or better: ¥ + ¥ + ¥ = ¥ . The 1+1+1=3 analogy is insufficient because 1 limits God.
    2. Who can explain a person adequately but a person? A book can only tell about a person.
    3. Jesus is the Word of God. Can a person (God) exist without speech? The word must be eternal as God is eternal. Even the Qu’ran is viewed as eternal and, therefore, must be equal with God (Haram!).
  11. What do you think of Muhammad? Why don’t you believe in Muhammad? Why don’t you become a Muslim?
    1. Where is Muhammad’s tomb? Why don’t we discuss the Prophet who is still living instead of the one who is dead?
    2. What additional blessings would I receive by following Muhammad (or becoming a Muslim)? Parable: if I am already satisfied, why do I need to eat another meal?
  12. Doesn’t the West want to destroy Islam and the Arabs? Look at the Crusades, imperialism and the events of the last few years. (General animosity toward Christians and Christianity.)
    1. God has sent me to you to ask your forgiveness for what we Christians have done. I come in the name of the Prince of Peace.

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