Literary and Audio-Visual Resources for Christians sharing with Muslims

 By Ernest Hahn
Copyright Word & World 1996
Republished with permission

This article was originally published in Word & World: Theology for Christian Ministry Volume XVI, Number 2, Spring 1996. This magazine is published quarterly at Luther Seminary, 2481 Como Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota, 55108, USA. Telephone: (612) 641-3482

Ernest Hahn has had a lifelong relationship with Muslims, both in his long service as a Lutheran missionary in India, and also through the creative Hospitality Ministry in Toronto, which he initiated to serve immigrants and refugees from various religious backgrounds. He continues his active literature work and has authored Jesus in Islam: A Christian View (Hyderabad: Henry Martyn Institute, 1975).

While this material may be dated, it provides an excellent bibliography of the material that was available up until 1996. Numerous new publications have become available since then.

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 General Bibliography for The Messenger, The Message and the Community, by Roland Muller
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