The Discovery Lesson in 3PG in Arabic

 What are the Discover Lessons?

The Discovery Lessons were developed in the Middle East. Originally they were intended to be a guide for people sharing the gospel with Muslims, and have been used so from Albania to Afghanistan. The Discovery Lessons have been made into an Arabic language television program that airs in the Middle East and is also available on video tape. These lessons are designed to be shared with someone who wants to know more about Christianity. They are not designed to give to just any Muslim anywhere. The files below are in the Arabic language.

What is the 3PG format?

This format is for mobile phones. It is designed so that you can send the messages to other phones using bluetooth.

All of the files below are in 3PG format. You can download the entire set of files in one convenient zip file by clicking this link: Arabic Discovery Lessons in 3GP Video File Format for Mobile Phones (Zip File 137 MB)

Discovery Lessons Intro 2.1 mb  Discovery Lessons 3.1 4.0 mb
 Discovery Lessons 1 2.1 mb  Discovery Lessons 3.2 5.7 mb
 Discovery Lessons 1.1 3.1 mb  Discovery Lessons 3.3 7.1 mb
 Discovery Lessons 1.2 4.9 mb  Discovery Lessons 4 8.8 mb
 Discovery Lessons 1.3 6.7 mb  Discovery Lessons 4.1 9.7 mb
 Discovery Lessons 1.4 3.9 mb  Discovery Lessons 5 5.9 mb
 Discovery Lessons 1.5 5.2 mb  Discovery Lessons 5.1 3.4 mb
 Discovery Lessons 2 3.5 mb  Discovery Lessons 5.2 14 mb
 Discovery Lessons 2.1 3.0 mb  Discovery Lessons 5.3 6.5 mb
 Discovery Lessons 2.2 1.5 mb  Discovery Lessons 6 3.1 mb
 Discovery Lessons 2.3 2.5 mb  Discovery Lessons 6.1 7.4 mb
 Discovery Lessons 2.4 4.3 mb  Discovery Lessons 6.2 6.8 mb
 Discovery Lessons 2.5 5.4 mb  Discovery Lessons 6.3 3.0 mb
 Discovery Lessons 2.6 2.7 mb  Discovery Lessons 6.4 3.9 mb
 Discovery Lessons 3 2.2 mb

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