The Messenger, The Message & the Community
Three Critical Issues for the Cross-Cultural Church-Planter
4th Edition, 2015

Roland Muller's first and second edition quickly sold out as Christian workers around the world snapped up copies. This book includes large parts of the out-of-print books Honor & Shame and also Tools for Muslim Evangelism, plus much more. Muller begins by looking at what it takes to be accepted as a 'messenger' with something of value to say. He then moves on to look at the gospel message that we share, and ends up examining the community of believers that we want to gather. This book includes a frank look at shame- based cultures, and also the importance of building a sense of community into a new group of believers. Several chapters have been totally re-edited in this new edition. There are over 300 study questions for thought and discussion. This book is required reading for a number of college courses as well as many missionary agencies. Click the photo to learn more.


Companion Reader One
Companion Reader for The Messenger, the Message, the Community
2nd Edition, 2015

This Companion Reader contains the story of a Chinese evangelist who travels from China to the Middle East with the dream of planting churches. Each chapter of this book corresponds to, and illustrates the corresponding chapter in Roland Muller's book: The Messenger, the Message and the Community. This story illustrates each of the lessons taught in Mullers book on church-planting. It was designed to help oral learners interact with and remember the lessons taught in each chapter. Click the photo to learn more.


Understanding Islam
Through History, Theology and Daily Practice
3nd Edition, 2015

While there are many new books on Islam appearing in the marketplace, this book is unique in several ways. The author is well acquainted with Islam, both from an academic as well as first hand experience, and he writes with an evangelical audience in mind. From the beginning, this book was designed as a comprehensive textbook for an introductory course to the study of Islam.

Understanding Islam contains twenty lesson and sixty seven thought provoking questions for discussion. This book seeks to explain Islam in three distinct ways: First through its early history, second through Islamic theology, and last, through the daily life and worldview of Muslims everywhere. This book is currently in use in several different schools and and languages around the world. Click the photo to learn more.


Companion Reader Two
Companion Reader for Understanding Islam
2nd Edition, 2015

This Companion Reader contains the story of a Chinese family who leave China and travel to Central Asia with the dream of planting churches. Each chapter of this book corresponds to, and illustrates the corresponding chapter in Roland Muller's book: Understanding Islam. This story illustrates each of the lessons taught in Mullers book on Islam. Designed to help oral learners remember the lessons. Click the photo to learn more.




Companion Reader Three
Companion Reader for the Messenger, the Message and the Community
Companion Reader for Understanding Islam
4th Edition, 2015

This reader contains the true story of a Middle Eastern evangelist and church-planter. The first section describes his journey out of Islam and into a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The second section describes his repeated attempts to win people to Christ and form them into small fellowships. Click the photo to learn more.



 Missionary Leadership
by Motivation and Communication

by Roland Muller
Published 2004

How does one go about leading a team of missionary volunteers, drawn from a variety of cultures and denominations? In his new book, Roland Muller examines the differences between secular and biblical leadership, focusing in on the two main aspects of leading multi-cultural volunteer teams: motivation and communication. This book includes a wealth of resources, worksheets, and more. It is illustrated with cartoons drawn by Jon Clime. A must for every missionary leader.

The Next Generation
by Roland Muller
Published 2003

What will the missionary movement look like in the near future? Muller takes a look at the kind of organization that the next generations are looking for. Are evangelical missionary organizations ready for the next generation? Is it possible to pour new wine into old wineskins? Roland Muller surveys the younger generations and takes a look at some of the new and radical organizations that are emerging. Will these be the patterns for new missionary organizations, serving a new generation of young people? This book promises you probing questions and challenging answers. Click the photo to learn more.


Honor and Shame,
Unlocking the Door
by Roland Muller
Published 2001
The original book is out of print. This is a copy of the 2010 second edition. Roland Muller introduces the concepts of guilt, fear and shame based cultures, showing their development over the years, and their influence on our understanding of the gospel message. Muller examines the way we traditionally present the gospel, and the difficulties this poses for those from a shame/honor background. A case study based on the Muslim cultures of the Middle East follows, where he examines Islam in the light of shame and honor. In conclusion Roland Muller presents us with the three-fold message of the gospel which is understandable in whatever cultural setting we may work in. This book is included in Muller's later book: MMC. Click the photo to learn more.



Tools for Muslim Evangelism
by Roland Muller
Published 2000
This is a copy of the original 1999 version, and is included here for reference. Most of this material is included in MMC above. Just as every craftsman has his toolbox, evangelists should also have a box of tools ready for use when trying to explain the gospel to Muslims. Roland Muller introduces us to some of the tools and techniques used by successful evangelists in the Middle East. He also introduces us to the concept of 'teacher based evangelism' and demonstrates how it can be used in conjunction with or in place of friendship evangelism. This book is rich in resources and practical wisdom drawn from many sources. The appendices include the Discover Lessons by Abdalla H., Literary and Audio-Visual Resources for Christians Sharing with Muslims by Ernest Hahn, excerpts from the digital resource 'Ministry Tools' and more. Click the photo to learn more.
The Road Back
Steps to Rebuilding Relationships
Sometimes relationships get all warped out of perspective. All around us today, the world struggles with broken relationships. The world says: walk away, change jobs, switch spouses, and find someone more compatible. The Bible tells us that God has the power to change us all into the perfect partners. Discover Muller's very creative stopping places on the road to rebuilding relationships, be it team members or life partners.
Is this your future?
 Paul declared that the risen Christ was the second Adam of a new race of beings. Someday Believers-in-Jesus will pass through the second resurrection, obtaining bodies just like our risen Lord; perfectly fitted for the spiritual world and also perfectly fitted for the physical world. What can we learn from the Bible about our eternal future and the things promised everyone who makes Jesus Lord?
Cross over Jordan
The Roy Whitman Story
 In 1926 Roy Whitman, a black missionary from the USA, arrived in the Middle East to begin his ministry. One of the questions he wrestled with was knowing when something was the work of the Holy Spirit or just man's efforts. Then one day, the Holy Spirit began to work in unusual ways, and the the Jordanian revival of the 1920's and 30's began. The results were astounding!

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